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Listen Up, Fickle Brides: You Can Return Williams Sonoma Registry Items for West Elm Credit
Getty Images/JB325

We know, we know—that fancy-shmancy waffle griddle seemed like a genius idea when you were slaphappily setting up your wedding registry. But in retrospect, it's clear as day that a set of non-ratty, grown-up towels would have been much more practical.

Good news, newbie bride: If you registered at household favorites Williams Sonoma, West Elm and Pottery Barn, returns are totally interchangeable. (Since these guys are all in the same family of stores, you can put your credit toward any of the three.)

Maybe you were one too many deep in the Chardonnay when you added that KitchenAid mixer to your registry (ain’t no way that sucker is fitting in your shallow cupboards) or maybe now that you have that deluxe gravy bowl in hand you finally see your husband’s point of view (that there is a .05 percent chance you’ll ever use it). Whatever the case may be for your fickle wedding wishlisting, simply return your kitchen goods at Williams Sonoma for a store credit gift card...then march said credit straight on over to West Elm and ball out on fun decor accents.

Pretty nifty, no?

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