Welp, Apparently Couples Are Going on Pre-Honeymoons Now

Time to add another item to your wedding industrial complex checklist: the pre-honeymoon. We know—isn’t the engagement party, shower (or two), bachelorette and, um, actual wedding enough? While it may seem a bit (or a lot) gratuitous, here’s why some couples are packing their bags for a romantic getaway before they wed.

Newlyweds are delaying their “actual” honeymoons. Maybe someone’s starting a new job. Maybe the couple is saving up for a much bigger trip in the future (especially after splurging on a band). Either way, a lot of couples are holding off on a trip immediately following their wedding. Doing it before-hand also relieves a bit of that “it has to be perfect” pressure. 

Wedding planning is stressful. For some couples, all of the stuff leading up to the main event can put some serious strain on a relationship. (It's not all butterflies and KitchenAids, people.) The cure? What else but a solid couple’s vacay?

They need some one-on-one time. Even though more and more couples live together before getting married, they might feel like their time together is being hijacked by their own wedding. Plus, even if they are together, they're usually also with someone else—whether that’s a mom asking about boutonnieres or a future father-in-law freaking out over how to feed Aunt Helga now that she’s raw vegan. 

Hmm, we need a vacation just thinking about planning a wedding. Pre-honeymoon in Mozambique, anyone?

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