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#BridalGoals: To make your wedding feel totally unique and out of the box. But the easiest way to pull this off actually has nothing to do with the venue (well, not all of it). Most of it comes down to reinventing some of the more formal—and a little bit dated—wedding traditions. Here, seven to make your own now. 

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non traditional wedding groom

You Could Walk Down the Aisle With Your Groom

If you don’t like the idea of your parents “giving” you away, this is a fun—and surprising—way to switch things up. Your guests won’t just “ooh” and “ahh” over your dress; they’ll “ooh” and “ahh” over your equal partnership. Awww.

non traditional mom

And Invite Your Mom to Give a Mother of the Bride Toast

Your dad is awesome, but it seems totally wacky that your mom—aka your lifeline who you call no less than 17 times a day—doesn’t get to have a more formal role. Invite her to make a toast right after your dad. (Just don’t forget to remind her to steer clear of any mentions of all your ex-boyfriends.)

non traditional wedding doughnuts

You Could Serve Doughnuts Instead of Cake

This idea isn’t just non-traditional—it’s a million times cheaper than anything multi-tiered. Place to-go bags next to your “cake” and, if your guests are too busy dancing to notice dessert has been served, they'll have a sugary snack for the road.

non traditional wedding macarons
Romanno/Getty Images

And Replace Your Centerpieces With Mini Dessert Stations

There’s nothing sadder than shelling out for flowers, then tossing them by reception’s end. Instead, make the pièce de résistance at your table an elaborate dessert tray (filled with macarons…or chocolate) that guests can graze on throughout the night.

non traditional wedding postcards

You Could Swap Your Guestbook for a Bunch of Stamped Vintage Postcards

Fact: When guests are three glasses of Champagne deep, guestbook notes don’t typically get more creative than “Congrats!” Instead, put out your postcards (with postage already applied) during cocktail hour with a simple suggestion for guests to take one and mail it back with their marriage advice. It’s an inexpensive idea—and one that will probably yield more thoughtful messages from family and friends. 

non traditional wedding bubbles

And Blow Bubbles Instead of Throwing Rice

It’s a lot more eco—and does any bride really want to get a grain of rice in her eye?

non traditional wedding house

You Could Host the After-Party at a Super-Cool Home Rental

Instead of telling all your friends to meet you at a bar, how cool would it be to drop the address of a private home (like this one on Captiva Island or this one in Santa Fe) that you rented out by the night? has tons of options just for weddings—aka they can accommodate a crowd.

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