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Heres What the Average Wedding Florist Costs in Your City

We won’t go so far as to say that weddings are like snowflakes, but they can vary pretty drastically from one to the next—especially city to city, where average costs fluctuate by the zip code. So we were wondering just how much one certain wedding cost guaranteed at almost every type of nuptials—the flowers—would cost in our city.

We did some digging, with the help of Thumbtack (which, in addition to matching customers with local professionals, has some pretty addictive price comparison resources), and found the average range of wedding florist costs in 14 cities around the country.

Yours isn’t on there? No worries, just plug in your zip code here to find out what the damage would be. (Heads up, the national range, per Thumbtack, is $500-$1,490 fro the upper quartile.)

New York, New York: $450-$1,2000
Beverly Hills, California: $695-$1,575
Seattle, Washington: $685-$1,615
Minneapolis, Minnesota: $550-$1,100
Nashville, Tennessee: $450-$800
Baltimore, Maryland: $531-$1,200
Chicago, Illinois: $450-$1,200
Portland, Oregon: $400-$974
Atlanta, Georgia: $450-$1,200
Cambridge, Massachusetts: $430
Detroit, Michigan: $495-$1,400
Phoenix, Arizona: $400-$895
Salt Lake City, Utah: $295-$400
San Antonio, Texas: $156-$906 

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