Herb Bouquets: The Newest Wedding Trend We're Weirdly Obsessed With

Smell that heady aroma? That’s the scent of brides weaving fresh herbs into their wedding day bouquets. Yup, herbal bridal bouquets are officially trending, and honestly, is there anything not to love here? Fragrant, frugal and utterly lovely, they’re a surefire way to elevate your blooms from basic to inspired. We mined Pinterest for the most beautiful ways to incorporate them. 

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So simple, so romantic: Rock sturdy lavender stalks for major destination wedding in Provence vibes.

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We love this frosty-toned herb as a warm weather alternative to dusty miller. Bonus: It wards off pesky flies.  

Rosemary And Olive Leaf

A chic trio: How perfect is this bridesmaid bouquet of plump peonies accented by spiky herbal sprigs?

Heather Ross/Pinterest

Oregano And Mint

These verdant, leafy herbs work brilliantly as fragrant filler greens (or as the whole damn bouquet).  

Chamomile And Sage

Dreamy for a summer wedding in the countryside—especially paired with wild Queen Anne’s lace.

Olive Leaf

We’re swooning over this hearty Mediterranean herb tied with twine and used to bolster delicate wildflowers.

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