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When you look up the word “paradise” in the dictionary, there’s a photo of Fiji. And after recently falling down an Instagram weddings rabbit hole, we’re convinced that it’s, like, the most perfect place in the world to get married. Don’t believe us? Scroll through the following 11 snaps and try to tell us you wouldn’t want what these adventurous folks had. 

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Congratulations! You got married in paradise.

Dress code: Hula skirt optional.

Look at how happy your bridal party would be—even after the ten-and-a-half-hour flight.

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The cool photo possibilities are basically endless.

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Fingers crossed one of these rad abodes is the honeymoon suite.

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Say my name, say my name. (Or, spell it on the beach in giant floral letters.)

If a beach wedding doesn’t suit you, consider tying the knot amidst the Nausori Highlands.

Dare we say this send-off beats being pelted with rice by your friends and family?

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Warning: You will want to show off your wedding album to literally any person you meet.

Come reception time, you dance under the stars (that you can actually see).

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