21 Fall Wedding Ideas We’re Absolutely Loving

June may be the most popular month to get married, but we’re head over heels for nuptials that take place in the cool, crisp days of September, October and November. (We can already hear the sound of leaves crunching beneath our feet.) So, if you’re planning on getting hitched in the autumn months, we’ve curated 21 fall wedding ideas that go way beyond the pumpkin.

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Courtesy of Alisha Siegel

1. Long-sleeve Gowns

As the weather cools down, there’s more opportunity to add some statement fabric to your dress. Just look at those boho bell sleeves. Swoon.

Photography: Alisha Siegel

Courtesy of Studio By Ana Lui

2. All-over Beading

A beaded dress in July? Great idea if you want to faint on the dance floor. Come fall, though, cooler temps mean you can handle the weight of all that sparkly bling. Plus, it’s a trend we’re seeing everywhere.

Photography: Studio By Ana Lui
Venue: Finca Son Berga

Wedding Planner: Events by L 

Courtesy of Alisha Siegel

3. Jewel-toned Bridal Parties

Your friends will love the color palette and texture options, and your nieces, nephews and godchildren will look too cute for words.

Photography: Alisha Siegel

Courtesy of Alisha Siegel

4. Prairie Grass Bunches

Who needs a million pumpkins and gourds screaming “IT’S FALL!” when you can elegantly kick off the autumn soirée with some simple prairie and wheat grass statement clusters?

Photography: Alisha Siegel

Courtesy of Sam Wilde Photography

5. Macramé Headpiece

Everything is macramé-chic this season. And what’s more appropriate while tying the knot than a delicate knotted textile on your person? Sweet metaphor? Check. Graceful, unique detail? Check.

Photography: Sam Wilde Photography

Courtesy of Sam Wilde Photography

6. Macramé Bouquet Ribbons

When something works, it works. Add notes of this crafty look as many places as makes sense. (Which, hint, is a lot.)

Photography: Sam Wilde Photography

Courtesy of Nikk Nguyen Photo

7. Macramé Cakes

…We bet you weren’t thinking macramé on your cake, but this three-tiered dessert from Michelle Doyon in Austin, Texas, is an example of how a little inspiration can go a long way.

Photography: Nikk Nguyen
Cake: Michelle's Patisserie

Courtesy of Alisha Siegel

8. Warm Brown Suits

Suits are a great way to punch up your event’s color palette, and we love how a brown suit can bring so much warmth to your photos—especially one that’s vintage-inspired and with some texture.

Photography: Alisha Siegel

Courtesy of Alisha Siegel

9. Textured Bouquets In Deep Reds

Let the color of the leaves changing inspire your bouquet with deeper, saturated hues. It brings out a moodier vibe that a fall wedding can certainly handle.

Photography: Alisha Siegel

Courtesy of Alisha Siegel

10. Velvet Bouquet Bows

Summer is all about easy-breezy. In fall, though, we cozy up and bring on the textures. Adding luxe velvet accents around your bouquet is an easy way to add depth to the entire tableau. 

Photography: Alisha Siegel

Courtesy of Alisha Siegel

11. Dried Flower Tablescapes

We are loving these moody fall notes brought on by dark wood, ornate candle holders and nearly-dried flowers. It’s also something that most of your guests probably haven’t seen before.

Photography: Alisha Siegel

Courtesy of Wild Rumpus Photography

12. Mossy Accents

Another easy way to add texture and ambience to your photos is using moss. Is your photographer doing close-up wedding band shots? Have them set your rings on some moss to add depth to the photos.  

Photography: Wild Rumpus Photography
Jewelry: Yuzu Boutique


Courtesy of Alisha Siegel

13. Harvest-inspired Table Numbers

Throwing a barn fete? Honor the farm-to-table philosophy by using seasonal crops as your table numbers. “Anyone else at the fennel table?”

Photography: Alisha Siegel

Courtesy of Studio By Ana Lui

14. Shovel-to-table Service

And if you really want to remind your guests where their food came from, get creative with the white-glove service.

Photography: Studio By Ana Lui
Venue: Finca Son Berga
Wedding Planner: Events by L 
Catering: Jardin Catering

Courtesy of Alisha Siegel

15. Autumn-inspired Cake Toppers

Deep, warm reds pack so much of a visual punch on their own, you don’t need much more to make your cake a showstopper.

Photography: Alisha Siegel

Courtesy of Jennifer Brisman

16. Falling Leaves Place Cards

Create a *moment* for guests upon arrival. These incredible blooms made of silk organza in bright coral tones against wisteria and tree bark accents were crafted by Jennifer Brisman, Mark Rose and Atlas Floral.

Event planner: Jennifer Brisman
Flowers: Atlas Floral
Designer: Mark Rose

Courtesy of Ana Lui Photography

17. Floating Chandeliers

Utilize your lighting options to create atmosphere. We love these hanging chandeliers that shimmer brighter as the sun sets.

Photography: Studio By Ana LuiVenue: Finca Son Berga
Wedding Planner: Events by L 
Deco: Bombillas y Flores
Florist: Es Brot

Courtesy of Studio By Ana Lui

18. Thoughtful Fairy Lighting

We’ve seen our fair share of fairy lighting, but when placed deliberately with the space, the effects can create something out of a, well, fairy tale. 

Photography: Studio By Ana LuiVenue: Finca Son Berga
Wedding Planner: Events by L 
Deco: Bombillas y Flores
Florist: Es Brot

Courtesy of @tellthebirds

19. The Undone Do

Stylist Ashley Petty’s look here manages to be both relaxed and formal. We can totally see this bride opting for a flowy veil.

Hair: Ashley Petty
Photography: @tellthebirds

Courtesy of Tomi Obebe. Photographed by: @sydneyblong

20. The Undone Do With Bling

Bride Tomi Obebe also wears an undone “updo.” In this case, she added a glamorous statement headpiece.

Photography: @sydneyblong

Courtesy of Sarah and Brent Photography

21. White Pumpkins

OK, we put the kibosh on bright-orange spooky gourds, but it is their season after all…

Photographer: @sarah_and_brent
Makeup: @beautybybrismith
Florals: @idewflowers
Models: @lexyraye, @therealblakeharper