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Can You Wear White to a Wedding If There’s No Bride?
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The rules of wedding etiquette have definitely relaxed over the years. The things your grandparents would have been shocked by are completely accepted today. Separates instead of bridesmaid dresses? Sure! A dessert bar in place of a cake? Yum. Inviting llamas onto the dance floor? Oh hell yes. But one steadfast rule has remained: You can never wear white to a wedding. Or can you?

Traditionally guests are discouraged from wearing white so they don’t upstage the bride, but what happens when you remove the bride from the equation altogether? If there are two grooms, does this open the door to wearing a white dress of your own? We polled friends and family to find out.

“My fiancé and I are planning to wear white suits as a nod to the tradition so a white dress would still be wildly inappropriate. But really it doesn’t even matter if there is no bride to consider or if the guys plan to wear white or not, you should still always follow regular wedding dress code rules.” – Chris M., New York

“I guess it depends a bit on the dress. A little white cocktail dress is probably fine, but a full white gown? I’d definitely need to see it before approving.” - Mike B., Texas

“Honey, we have a ten-tier cake and a fully choreographed Broadway-style first dance, so you go ahead and wear whatever you want.” – Tobias T., California

Final verdict: It's probably best to err on the side of avoiding (or you could always ask the couple first). Many of the guys polled found the idea of wearing white to a wedding to be way too taboo. On the other hand, if your friends are going all out with a soirée to rival Gatsby (seriously, someone put Tobias T.'s first dance on Youtube), then the odds of you outshining the betrothed are slim no matter what you wear. But if you want our opinion: Safety first; save your white frock for the boat party where it really belongs.

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