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It’s the city that invented industrial-hipster chic. But there’s more to the Brooklyn wedding scene than a perfectly coiffed man bun or bridal party shot in front of a graffiti-covered wall (although, let’s be honest: those are pretty crucial). Here’s what’s trending in your favorite New York City borough.

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Long-Sleeve Gowns

The look, once considered matronly, is making a major—and lovely—comeback.

Playful Statement Sleeves

OK, so not everyone wants the full sleeve, but dresses that accessorize the arms are everywhere right now…and so dreamy.

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Minimalist Styling

Nixing the veil, jewelry and traditional bridal makeup balances out other trends (like sleeves). Want an even more relaxed vibe? Sport your tried-and-true jean jacket in photos.

Groomswomen Suits

Hey, girls can peacock, too.

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Tropical Floral Designs

We’re not sure when minimalism and tropical whimsy met, but we love it.

Tropical Bridesmaid Dresses

You can’t escape the frond.

Less-Is-More Flowers

Instead of floor-to-ceiling flower arrangements, experiment with the space—it opens up the tables for more conversation and romantic candlelight.

Personalized Little Details

We’re not saying to kitsch-out at every corner, but one or two small, light-hearted details definitely add some personality to the reception.

Cheesecake Wedding Cakes

C’mon, what’s more decadent than that?

Post-Ceremony Slices

This is Brooklyn after all.

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