Styling your ladies (or gents! or grannies!) is one of the most important aesthetic components of your wedding. The challenge? While you want everyone to look coordinated and #fancy, you don’t want the look to shout WEDDING HAIR from the proverbial rooftops. No stress: We rounded up 11 fresh, fun and totally lovely styles.

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bridesmaid hair style 9
Photo: Susie Marie Photography; Hair: Mohre Styles

Embellished Middle Pony

Easy breezy. And how chic are these pearl pin details?

bridesmaid hair style 1
Design: Embark Event Design; Photo: Amber Lynn Photography; Hair: Gypsy and Oak Salon; Accessories: Untamed Petals

Messy Dutch Braid Updo

Pairs well with statement earrings.

bridesmaid hair style 10
Photo: Susie Marie Photography; Hair: Lashes and Lace Salon

Chignons of Choice

Unified and formal—but not at all cookie-cutter.

bridesmaid hair style 7
Photo: Kaysha Weiner Photographer; Beauty: Design Visage; Coordinator: Pure Lavish Events

Soft Curls

Want easy and elegant? This is the style for your party.

bridesmaid hair style 6
Photo: Don Mears Photography

Half up with a bow

This Victorian-inspired 'do is serving up Samantha (the American Girl) vibes and we are not mad about it.

bridesmaid hair style 8
Photo: Rachel Red Photography

Braided Crown

Bonus points for the addition of an ethereal hair piece.

bridesmaid hair style 2
Photo: Kaysha Weiner; Hair: Jillian Rae Wedding Hair

…Or Braided Halo

Channeling a bohemian vibe? We love the romanticism of this piecey style.

bridesmaid hair style 4
Photo: Kaysha Weiner; Beauty: Grace Line Professional Makeup Team; Coordinator: Master Plans Events and Designs

Loose Waves with a Floral Crown

Our advice on the waves front: Avoid the played-out Victoria’s Secret look in favor of natural and beachy.

bridesmaid hair style 5
Photo: Kaysha Weiner; Beauty: Grace Line Professional Makeup Team; Coordinator: Master Plans Events and Designs

Braided Half Updo

This style is flattering for every hair type…and makes a gorgeous resting spot for a bloom or brooch.

bridesmaid hair style 3
Photo: Vanessa Hicks Photography; Hair: Jireh Artistry

Au Naturel

TBH, we’re all about letting our pals rock whatever makes them feel most comfortable.

bridesmaid hair style 11
Photo: Kay Kroshus

Mix-and-Match Baby’s Breath

Or if you’d prefer to let your bridesmaids show off their own personal styles—but with a theme—give them a matching accessory, like these dainty sprigs of baby’s breath. The loveliest!

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