The Newest Wedding Cake Trend Is a Total Throwback (by Like 2,500 Years)

Watercolor, geodes, succulents…we’re no stranger to wedding cakes that double as works of art. But the newest trend we’re seeing takes “work of art” to the next level: bas-relief cakes. These masterpieces look as if they belong in the museum, right next to Venus De Milo. Here are some of our favorite bas-relief centerpieces cakes that look they’ve been carved right out of marble. (Don’t worry: They’re totally edible.)

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Classic Bas Relief

Top it with a flower from your bouquet.

Boxy and Brilliant

Geode cake, meet your long-lost cousin, marble.

Enchanted Forest Design

Fairy-tale wedding, anyone?

Something Blue

No one said it had to be white marble.

Simple and Elegant

Sometimes less is more.

Cheri Quinto/Pinterest

Metallic and Ombre

…But going for the half-court shot isn’t bad either.

The Museum-Worthy Cake

We just can’t cut into it. We’ll donate it to the Louvre instead.

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