11 Places You Might See a Celebrity in NYC

Hint: not at the wax museum

When you're in New York City, you naturally want to spend every waking hour eating delicious food, shopping in Soho and seeing as many celebrities as humanly possible. Here are 11 places in the city you’re likely to spot one. Bring your iPhone and a Sharpie.

Beyoncé And Blue Ivy: Buttermilk Channel

Grab brunch at this Brooklyn comfort-food joint and you could be eating chicken and waffles right next to Bey and Blue Ivy--it’s one of their favorite spots in the city.

524 Court St. (at Huntington St.), Brooklyn; 718-852-8490 or

Taylor Swift: The Smile To Go

When Tay’s in NYC, she’s been known to start her day with a quick cup of Joe at this cozy Lower East Side coffee shop.

29 Howard St. (at Crosby St.);

Leonardo Dicaprio And Rihanna: Up And Down

Party with the coolest kids in the city…if you can get past the bouncer. (Hint: Dress as fabulous as possible and you might be doing the dab right next to Leo.)

244 W. 14th St. (at Seventh Ave.); 212-242-4411 or

Jimmy Fallon: Marie's Crisis

After filming The Tonight Show, the host was recently spotted drunkenly singing songs from Grease at this West Village piano bar. And hey, even if you don’t spot a celeb, you can practice that cover of “A Whole New World” you’ve been working on.

59 Grove St. (at Seventh Ave. S.); 212-243-9323

Josiah Kamai/Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence, Adele And Emma Stone: Cosme

Um, we want to be in this group of friends immediately. The trio recently met up for dinner and “all the guac,” according to J-Law, at this new Mexican hot spot. Try the melt-in-your-mouth burrata and cross your fingers it’s at the same time they come back. 

35 E. 21st St. (at Broadway); 212-913-9659 or

Jennifer Aniston: Blue Hill Farm

This isn’t just the Friends favorite’s go-to restaurant--it’s also where her husband Justin Theroux proposed. Look carefully or you could miss it: It’s in the basement of a West Village townhouse.

75 Washington Pl. (at Sixth Ave.); 212-539-1776 or

Lena Dunham: Corner Bistro

When the Girls creator and star gets a fast-food craving, she grabs a burger at this low-key pub.

331 W. Fourth St. (at Jane St.); 212-242-9502 or

The Cast Of "snl": Dos Caminos

Every Saturday night after cracking up the rest of America, the whole cast heads to a spacious restaurant to unwind--like this, their known favorite Mexican joint. (You technically have to know somebody to get in after hours, but who knows? Maybe Lorne Michaels will realize you’re the next Tina Fey and scoot you through.)

373 Park Ave. S. (at 26th St.); 212-294-1000 or

Woody Allen: Cafe Carlyle

On Mondays and Saturdays, see Woody Allen wail on the clarinet with the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band. No, really.

35 E. 76th St. (at Madison Ave.); 212-744-1600 or

Robert De Niro: Locanda Verde

Some celebs collect cars, but this Oscar winner collects restaurants. Check out his newest NYC venture, a cozy Italian spot with to-die-for sheep’s-milk ricotta.

377 Greenwich St. (at Moore St.); 212-925-3797 or

Every Celeb Ever: "hamilton" On Broadway

If you’re lucky enough to nab tickets to this sold-out Broadway show, you’re almost guaranteed to see a celebrity in the audience. Like Oprah and Gayle. And Meryl Streep. Even President Obama has seen it twice.

226 W. 46th St. (at Seventh Ave.); 212-221-1211 or