8 Things to Pack When Traveling with Your Dog

Going on a road trip? Maybe a camping vacation? No matter what perks up your dog’s ears, you never want to leave the house empty-handed or underprepared. It’s getting easier and easier to travel with pets these days (there are dog-friendly hotels and bars in just about every state), so why leave Frankie at home? Pack up—and don’t forget to toss these eight must-have items into your backpack.

dogit harness

1. Dogit Harness

Collars aren’t totally a thing of the past, but the advantages of using a harness are hard to ignore. Not only does a harness allow a dog to move more freely but it makes controlling your dog while walking with a leash much easier. Make sure it fits snugly (so Frankie can’t escape) without being too tight (so he can breathe and run).

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dog gear week away duffle

2. Overland Dog Gear Ultimate Week Away Duffle

Organize all your pet stuff (aka everything on this list) in one easy-to-grab bag. It comes with two lined food carriers and collapsible bowls that will make mealtime on the go a cinch.

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dog gear week away duffle for small dogs

3. Overland Dog Gear Ultimate Week Away Duffle For Small Dogs

No need to overpack if you’ve got a tiny, low-maintenance Yorkie. Get a smaller version of this amazing duffle and never lose a toy or leash again.

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dingo dental dog treats

4. Dingo Dental Delights

Traveling without dog treats is like traveling without shoes. Technically, you can do it, but you’re not going to get very far. Treats help relax stressed pups and reward them for good behavior on the road. Plus, who doesn’t love a snack now and then?

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dog nap mat

5. Ultra Plush Dog Nap Mat

Whether you’re driving across the country or flying to a ritzy hotel, a familiar bed will make Frankie feel at home. This one is also machine washable, which is a nice perk after a long vacation full of germs and grime.

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mobi cam pet

6. Mobi Pet Camera And Monitoring System

If you know you’ll need to leave your dog in a space alone at some point on the trip, a compact camera and monitoring system is a smart purchase. Setup is quick and simple, and you can observe (and talk to) Frankie through the app.

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doggy bags

7. Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

ABC: Always Be Cleaning (your dog’s poop). Never get caught without a reliable set of poop bags. These are lavender scented, which is a thoughtful touch you’ll thank yourself for later.

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pet care medical kit

8. Dog First Aid Kit Pet Wound Care Travel Case

When you’re away from home and your dog gets a splinter, cuts himself on a sharp stick or gets a tick behind his ear, you’re going to want a first aid kit to swiftly—and expertly—treat his ailment.

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