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Whoa, Your Wanderlust Might All Come Down to Your Genes

When you’re not exploring a place you’ve never been before, you’re skimming through flight alerts to see where you might just head next. Yep, your appetite for adventure is insatiable. Well, turns out that your wanderlust might just be genetic. Here’s what we know. 

It’s all about the DRD4-7R gene. According to a series of studies outlined on a well-known psychology blog, carriers tend to feel higher levels of curiosity and restlessness. And because of that, they often seek new adventures (like that trip to Morocco you’re planning in your head).

OK, but it gets even more interesting. In an interview with CN Traveler, Dawn Maslar, a Kaplan University biologist who’s studied the psychology of travel, explains that about 20 percent of the population is thought to carry the 7R gene, with a majority of those being European descendants living in the Americas. So, if you think about it, it was wanderlusting pilgrims willing to risk the dangerous travel to see a new place who became the first settlers. 

So next time you find yourself itching to hop on a plane and head off into the sunset, you can go ahead and thank mom and dad. And maybe invite them along since they’re probably eager for a getaway, too.

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