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There’s nothing like the escapist promise of a summer abode: It most likely has a backyard that’s perfect for lazy evenings and it might even come with a water view…but it may also come with a heinous ’70s kitchen, rock-hard pillows or bathroom lighting that makes Duane Reade’s fluorescent glow look downright subtle. While you can’t redo that kitchen, here are five easy ways to add some of your style to the place.

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hamptons summer rental upgrades bring your home

Bring Home With You

Not your entire home! But a little bit goes a long way. Depending on the length of your stay, it may be worth packing your comfiest pillow (for better zzz’s) and a throw blanket for those chilly mornings. If you’re staying for more than a week or two, consider packing a couple of picture frames from home, filled with your favorite people.

hamptons summer rental upgrades unpack

Unpack ASAP

Don’t even think about leaving that suitcase on the floor by your bed. Yes, you’re tired after dealing with the traffic, and yes, you want to head to the beach or the winery, but take ten minutes to unpack. That means putting things on hangers and in drawers. It sounds silly, but having your stuff put away will subconsciously make you feel calmer—not to mention ensure that sundress is wrinkle-free when you need it.

hamptons summer rental upgrades plants and flowers

Get A Little Green

Plants and flowers make us happy—there’s scientific evidence. They’re also a quick and inexpensive way to enhance any space. Even if you can’t keep a houseplant alive for more than a week, buy some fresh blooms from the local farmstand for your kitchen table.

hamptons summer rental upgrades one kings lane

Pick Up Some New Goodies

If the place still isn’t feeling fresh, pop into one of the Hamptons’ many swoon-worthy home-decor shops, like Serena & Lily or One Kings Lane’s new Southampton outpost. A few fancy candles, a luxe set of sheets or even a bigger purchase like a mirror or vase will brighten your day every time you use them. And when it comes time to pack up in August, you’ll have a few beachy souvenirs for your apartment in the city.

hamptons summer rental upgrades swith the lighting
TerryJ/Getty Images

Switch It Out

If you’ll be calling the same place home for longer than a couple of weeks, consider switching out the lighting. This can be as easy as changing the bulbs in the bathroom to instantly take the space from creepy motel to chic spa. (Look for warm-white LED bulbs for the coziest, most flattering illumination.)

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