Did You Know the Airlines Track Your Browsing History and Jack Up Their Prices?

Here's how to beat them at their own game

You’re familiar with all the tricks: Book on a Sunday, fly back on a Tuesday. Get alerts from Kayak but also check in with Expedia. Fly out of Newark but never connect through O’Hare.

Booking airfare sucks. Especially when, after all that, you’re still paying an arm and a leg. Here’s a sneaky way to make sure you’re getting the best price: Book your tickets in an incognito browser window.

Wait, what does that mean? Turns out, many airlines and travel websites track how many times you’ve visited their site, then up their prices once they know you’re really committed to flying to Toledo. When you open an incognito (private) window, you clear your browser of any tracking codes, meaning the airline doesn’t recognize you and will offer first-visit pricing.

OK, so how do you this? If you use Google Chrome: Go to the top-right corner of your browser window, click on the dropdown menu and select “New Incognito Window.” For Internet Explorer: Start InPrivate browsing from the Safety menu by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P. For Safari: In the top left-hand corner of your browser window, click on the “File” dropdown and select “New Private Window.” A new window will open automatically and you’ll be safe to book your tickets.

That’s it? Yep. Toledo, here you come.