2020’s Top Emerging Travel Destinations Are…Russia and Oklahoma?!

Are you in the market for a new travel destination but have no idea where to begin? Look no further than Tripadvisor, which recently debuted the top destinations of 2020.

The company just released its “Best of the Best” lists, which includes three different categories: popular, trending and emerging. Each one features the top travel destinations of 2020, and they’re compiled based on reviews and ratings from travelers across the globe (which means they’re legit).

kaliningrad russia top emerging destination

One of the most surprising picks is Kaliningrad, Russia, as the number one emerging destination in the world. (Other honorable mentions include Saranda, Albania; Beirut, Lebanon; Luxor, Egypt; and Naoussa, Greece.)

Kaliningrad is located between the Baltic Sea, Poland and Lithuania on a tiny sliver of Russia. It’s famous for its eastern-European-inspired architecture and its official tagline, “Discover a little bit of Russia…outside of Russia.” It might not already be on your must-see travel list, but that’s only because it just recently became accessible to international tourists.

top emerging travel destinations

Another interesting find is that Tulsa, Oklahoma, landed the 13th spot on Tripadvisor’s list of emerging destinations. Although it didn’t make the top ten, it’s the only U.S. location included on the list, which is definitely worth noting. The area is chock-full of museums, zoos and parks, making it an ideal—and affordable—destination for families.

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