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This Sneaky Trick Could Save You Major Money on Flights (But Dont Use It Too Often)
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Tracking down and booking an affordable flight can feel more complicated than understanding Bitcoin. But there is one money-saving method you might not have tried yet: hidden city flights.

So, what are hidden city flights? The concept is pretty simple. Let’s say you want to fly from New York to Denver. A direct flight costs $400, but there is also a flight from New York to Los Angeles with a layover in Denver that costs only $275. Technically you can save over a hundred bucks by booking the flight to L.A. and simply skipping the second leg. There’s even a website, Skiplagged, specifically designed to help you find deals like these and compare them with direct flights.

This sounds a little shady. Are there any downsides? There are definitely a few negatives to consider. First and foremost airlines really dislike the practice and can flag you if you do this too often with the same airline. You also can’t check baggage (as it will just continue on to the second flight without you) or book a round-trip flight (your return flight will automatically be canceled if you miss any portion of your original trip).

Remind me again what the benefits are? You really can save major money, especially on international or cross-country trips. (Like, upwards of $300 kind of savings.) And if you’re worried about being flagged for doing it once or twice, don’t be. After all, people miss layovers all the time.

Bottom line: Using this hack prudently is a great way to score more affordable flights and save some cash.

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