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You’ve gotta hand it to the MTA: It’s consistently made an effort to beautify the subway, despite the fact that we New Yorkers are usually too absorbed in the latest episode of “Two Dope Queens” or a game of Dots & Co to notice (oops).

But if anything’s going to get our attention, it’s the brand-new artwork inside the Second Avenue Subway, which opened to the public on January 1. Yep, as if the unveiling of the subway itself weren’t miracle enough (we’re still not totally convinced it’s not a hologram), the MTA tapped the likes of Chuck Close and Sarah Sze for the new stops at 72nd, 86th and 96th Streets, plus a new transfer at 63rd.

Combined, the large-scale mosaics make up the largest permanent public art installation in New York state history—and you can see it all for the cost of a MetroCard swipe. (It makes the price hikes slightly more bearable, right?) If your commute hasn’t taken you to the new east side stops yet, check out our video tour of the subterranean art mecca. And if you’re tempted to pull out your phone, it’ll be to snap an Instagram.

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