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You’re perfectly positioned for a weekend jaunt to Lake Geneva. And you can get to Ann Arbor in a flash. But, now that you think about it, you are only a 20-minute cab ride from O’hare, and with so many direct flights from Chicago, it’s basically a hop, skip and jump--well, without the layover, just a hop and a skip--to far-off places you’ve been dreaming of visiting. Here are 7 of them…


ORD to Reykjavic, Iceland

It’s true: IcelandAir now offers nonstop service from Chicago to Reykjavic. And the flight is only about six hours. We’re told the design-forward Reykjavik Marina is the place to stay, and you can take day trips out of the city to soak in the country’s natural wonders. Bathing in a Secret Lagoon? We’re listening…


ORD to Dublin, Ireland

Rolling green hills, lyrical accents and pubs where live music erupts spontaneously. Board an Aer Lingus flight and you can be in Dublin in about seven hours. While you’re there, book an afternoon tea at the achingly posh Merrion Hotel. (Not to brag, but we once spotted Colin Farrell there.)


ORD to Paris

Nine hours on a United flight is definitely enough time to teach yourself some basic French. Or, just enough to order a croissant.

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ORD to Cancun, Mexico

You don’t have to be on honeymoon to crave white-sand beaches. And let’s face it: this past workweek alone makes you deserve some R&R. American and United both fly to Mexico just under four hours. Use the flight to plot out your guacamole crawl.


ORD to Toronto, Cananda

You swear you’ll move to Canada if [insert candidate] wins. You’d better get to know the country, eh? Start in Toronto, which you can reach via Air Canada in about an hour and a half. And please to note: the cocktails-slash-art-pieces at Barchef are a must.

tokyo 1

ORD to Tokyo, Japan

Sushi in Japan has been on your bucket list forever. And you only have to wait 13 hours on a Japan Airlines to try it. Well worth the wait.


ORD to Charleston

There is nothing wrong with domestic. American and United fly to Charleston, and the flights last just over two hours. When you arrive, immediately seek the majestic weeping willows that the city is famous for. Then, drink in more beauty at The Gin Joint. Trust us: Its cocktails slay.

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