You want all the Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn vacation vibes (oversize sunnies, silk scarf, vintage convertible), but let's be real: You're going to have to pick and choose between lavish splurges in a city like Rome. Good news: A trip abroad doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cut the luxe out of your stay. These ten destinations are proof that you can have your opulent vacation cake and eat it, too…possibly in a convertible.

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Toulouse France luxury affordable vacations
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Toulouse, France

Average Daily Cost: $130

This border city is home to both French and Spanish culture—see? You’re already getting more for your money. But seriously, think: ski slopes, beaches, thermal baths and amazing food. (Yep, you can hop between authentic Spanish tapas and French cuisine like Candied violets, a regional specialty.) If you’re after designer bargains, make sure you visit consignment shop Le Grenier d’Anaïs. Best of all, you can do it all for a whole lot less than Paris.

Naxos Greece luxury affordable vacations
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Naxos, Greece

Average Daily Cost: $95

Cheaper than Santorini and far less touristy, Naxos is just as picturesque and historic (see: the unfinished Greek Portara Temple of Apollo). Spend your afternoons swimming in the Mediterranean and your evenings sipping ouzo and eating fresh seafood while watching the most stunning sunsets in the world.

Giethoorn Holland luxury affordable vacations
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Giethoorn, Holland

Average Daily Cost: $150

Nicknamed the Venice of the North, this adorable Dutch town was built without a single solid road—so if you want to get around, it's all about the waterways. A room at one of the thatched roof cottages goes for about $85 a night, and a private boat rental will set you back about $16 an hour. If you get bored of the floral-lined canals (impossible), visit the Museum de Oude Aarde or The Histomobil, a rare car museum. Then head straight back to the water.

Phnom Penh Cambodia luxury affordable vacations
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Average Daily Cost: $210

With the average daily cost of food, transportation and activities totaling just $50, it really doesn’t get more affordably luxurious than this. And where else can you find five-star accommodations for just $160 a night? (Hello, Raffles Hotel.) Get a sense of the local flavor with a tasting menu at The Tiger’s Eye, but be prepared to go early. Because many restaurants shutter just after 9 p.m., you don't need an excuse to turn in early and get plenty of rest. 

Casablanca Morocco luxury affordable vacations
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Casablanca, Morocco

Average Daily Cost: $130

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, Casablanca’s Sky28 bar boasts the most gorgeous views of the coastal city. The signature cocktails and tapas served there are certainly worth the splurge, especially since most of your days can be spent lounging in the beach district La Corniche or wandering through the old medina marketplace. Both activities are totally free, as is the Villa des Arts, the largest contemporary arts museum in the city.

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Palm Springs California luxury affordable vacations
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Palm Springs, California

Average Daily Cost: $140

Two words: off season. Head to the retro desert town between March and October for major steals at glam spots like the mid-century modern Ace Hotel. And if you ever decide to step off the grounds of your swanky digs (no judgment if you don't), there are vineyards, golf, spas and gorgeous hikes all around. You'll just have to decide if it's worth leaving the pool. Decisions, decisions.

Reykjavik Iceland luxury affordable vacations
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Reykjavik, Iceland

Average Daily Cost: $240

Reykjavík is small enough to wander around entirely on foot, but big enough to keep you on your toes. Leave room in your suitcase for the super-cool hand-crafted goods you’ll no doubt buy from the graffiti-decorated shops in the center of town, and spend an evening enjoying live local music and brew from Einstök at Kex Hostel. Of course, no luxury trip to Iceland would be complete without a youth-restoring dip in the hot springs at the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa.

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Sardinia Italy luxury affordable vacations
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Sardinia, Italy

Average Daily Cost: $200

If the crystal blue waters aren’t enough to sell you on this place, then maybe the promise of endless carafes of affordable Italian wine will do the job. Renting a car to get around the island is a must, as is splurging on a private boat rental for a day tour up the coast. There are, of course, plenty of upscale restaurants in the glitzy Costa Smeralda region, but taking a picnic of assorted local treats like salami, artichokes and red wine means more time spent exploring the white shores and rocky coastal caves.

Victoria Canada luxury affordable vacations
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Victoria, Canada

Average Daily Cost: $140

Touted as North America’s most English city, Victoria is way cheaper than a trip to London with just as much British charm and plenty to do without breaking the bank. Start with afternoon tea at The Empress, served with china designed exclusively for Queen Elizabeth I, before heading out on a royal carriage tour or trip to Craigdarroch Castle. End the day with a waterfront dinner at Red Fish Blue Fish for a view that definitely tops any sunset London has to offer.

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Gotland Sweden luxury affordable vacations1

Gotland, Sweden

Average Daily Cost: $140

OK, so getting to this tiny island off the coast of Sweden isn’t super cheap, but once you’re there, you can live like a queen…or Viking queen. The coastal city Visby still maintains many of the structures built there by Vikings, including a 3.5-kilometer-long wall you can freely hike all the way down to the water. History buffs will love the time-worn fishing villages and archaeological wonders dating back some 8,000 years prior.

Dubrovnik Croatia luxury affordable vacations
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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Average Daily Cost: $235

Between the marble streets, old stone buildings and glistening Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is truly awe-inspiring. Take it all in with a cable car ride up Mount Srđ before you dive in to city’s Renaissance relics, shops and food. Hop on a ferry for a romantic day trip to islands like Lokrum, Sipan and the Elafiti. Perhaps the best part: you didn’t break the bank.

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