This Smart Service Ships Your Luggage Ahead of Time (and We’ve Got an Exclusive Sale)

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You’re probably eager to do a lot more traveling this year. (We know we are!) But while there are plenty of exciting and amazing experiences that come with travel, there are also some not-so-fun aspects that can add unnecessary stress to your much-deserved getaway.

One of our biggest pet peeves? Packing and carrying all that luggage. (Because, let’s face it: We always end up bringing too much stuff.)

While we haven’t figured out how to do your packing for you—yet—there is a smart service that can take care of the transport part. Luggage Free ships your luggage and sporting equipment for you and ensures they end up at your destination on time, removing the headache of lugging your bags to and from the airport. Plus, it adds that first-class feeling to your trip. Find out why Luggage Free is our travel secret weapon below—and a sale to try it yourself.

Say hello to bag-free travel.

Whether you’re going on an extended beach vacation (where you’ll need all the sandals and swimsuits), golfing or skiing, Luggage Free picks your bags up from anywhere and ships them to and from your vacation destination. That means no lugging heavy bags or sporting equipment on your travel day (crowded airport lines + suitcases = major stress). Bonus: You can bypass baggage claim and jump into an Uber (or rent a smaller car) upon arrival.

You’ll always know where your bags are.

Luggage Free is simple to use. Get a free quote, schedule a pickup either online or over the phone (with a real person!) from anywhere. Then track your bags 24/7 and receive up-to-date notifications via email once your luggage has been picked up and delivered. A personal luggage concierge is always on hand to answer any questions you might have along the way.

On-time delivery is guaranteed—anywhere.

Seriously. Luggage Free guarantees that your bags will safely arrive where you want them, when you want them. They even offer $500 of complimentary coverage on each shipment. (Want even more? You can buy additional coverage up to $10,000.) Plus, they ship to 180 countries around the world and drop off/pick up anywhere—from your home or business to your resort or cruise ship. Talk about peace of mind.

You won’t have to deal with customs or baggage fees.

Think about it: No checking bags, waiting at the baggage claim, going through customs checks, or paying any last-minute fees. Luggage Free takes care of any customs paperwork for overseas shipping and has flat-rate pricing, with no hidden fees or additional charges like you’d get for airline checked-bag policies or overweight luggage.

Ready to travel baggage-free? Click here for a limited-time 15 percent off sale to try Luggage Free yourself. Because traveling to your destination should be just as enjoyable as your actual trip.

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