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The UK Is Getting a Massive Theme Park (and It Might Have a ‘Titanic’ Ride)
London Paramount

You saw it in theaters twice, know every Celine Dion lyric by heart and smooched the Leo poster on your wall every night for a year (oh wait, just us?). But now you might be able to take your teenage Titanic obsession even further with the newly announced London Paramount Theme Park that’s set to open across the pond.

The UK is getting its own movie-themed amusement park in 2021, and it sounds straight-up magical. Dubbed “the UK’s Disneyland,” the London Paramount will be an hour's car ride from the capital (file under reason number 3,861 to visit) and will feature rides, hotels, cinemas, live performances and one of the largest indoor water parks in Europe.

No word yet on what exact rides the park will include, but Paramount is the studio behind classics like Titanic, Forrest Gump, Zoolander and Mean Girls, so the possibilities are endless. (How fetch would a Regina George ride be?)

The bad news is that the Paramount Theme Park is only in its initial planning stages at the moment and won’t open to the public for another four years. And all that movie magic doesn’t come cheap—rumor has it that day passes will cost a whopping £57 (about $73). Crikey!   

Then again, the chance to be on a boat with an animatronic Leonardo DiCaprio? Priceless. 

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