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Lisa Linh

Meet the traveling entrepreneur and freelance social media consultant from L.A. (But she’s hardly ever there)

Lisa always loved the written word—as a kid, she wanted to be a journalist. But working full-time while attending college shifted her plans, so after graduation, she entered the world of corporate PR and marketing instead. There was only one problem: She missed writing. So in 2014, Lisa decided to follow her heart, launching the fashion-centric blog By Lisa Linh. After blogging about style, designers and trends for four years, she recently decided to shift her focus away from fashion and toward travel. “I realized that there are more things worth seeing than buying,” she explains. Now, her travel and lifestyle blog inspires others to discover the world and explore their passions.

When she’s not managing her blog, Lisa also works as a freelance social media consultant. “I love teaching, so being a consultant allows me to show other brands how to navigate through the digital space and help them with strategies to hit their target goals,” she says.

On the coolest place she’s been to recently. “The Cook Islands is truly the definition of paradise. From Los Angeles, it’s a direct ten-hour flight and is a place of untouched charm and beauty.”

On the beauty hack she swears by. “Being Asian, I have very sparse and short eyelashes, which have made me pretty insecure over the years. And because I’m constantly on the go (and impatient with results), I can never stick with lash serums. That’s why I get lash extensions every two to three weeks. They really make my eyes pop and save me so much time getting ready in the morning.”

On her perfect day. “It sounds strange, but being productive is my best day! I’ll usually start my morning by grabbing a cup of coffee from Starbucks (soy lattes are my go-to) and then head back to my office for a full-on day of writing and consulting. But on the rare days that I do take off, I love to watch I Love Lucy, order food and squeeze in a massage at The Now.” 

On the best piece of advice she’s ever received. “Love yourself first and everything will fall into line.”