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Kortney Gruenwald

Meet the writer with a passion for New England style

Kortney Gruenwald was working in Germany as a lifestyle journalist when she had a hammer-over-the-head moment: She wanted, nay needed, to be writing for herself on her own terms. Today, Kortney is seeing that revelation through to the fullest, running The Modern Jetsetter by day (her self-dubbed “storytelling studio” dedicated to travel and classic New England style) and penning her first novel by night. 

As for her thoughts on keeping up with the ever-shifting blogosphere? “I’ve learned there’s beauty in striving higher than your original plans, and success is grounded in how gracefully you adapt to change.” (YAS.) See why we love this lady?

On the one “hack” she swears by. “I have a capsule wardrobe, which has forever simplified my life and amplified my style (no matter where I am in the world). For clothing, I invest in reasonably priced classic pieces and fill in the blanks with Zara runs. The pillar of my style is absolutely in my accessories and shoes, because those are timeless investments into the art of your personal expression.”

On her best piece of advice for young entrepreneurs. “Abandon the guilt of not following the nine-to-five path. In my first months of my business I tried to fit corporate habits into my creative life and the two simply don't mix. Have full confidence in your ability to set your own schedule and goals and conquer every challenge; you'll notice your wings are bigger than you expected.”

Have full confidence in your ability to set your own schedule and goals and conquer every challenge; you’ll notice your wings are bigger than you expected.
Kortney Gruenwald

On her favorite haunts in NYC. “As with any New Yorker (and writer), the perfect coffee shop is the stitch that holds my life together. I always start my day at Grounded in the West Village with an iced honey nut latte and a few hours of writing and strategizing content for the website. Then it’s off to Central Park to refuel. Incorporating long walks, runs and reading sessions through Central Park is one of the cornerstones of my city routine. Whenever I’m feeling drained of creative energy, Central Park always fuels me up—especially during spring and autumn. Lastly, I’d cap off the day with dinner at Palma. I'm not sure if it’s the dreamy garden or that the cuisine which transports me to the Italian countryside, but Palma in the West Village is one of my most beloved odes to Italy in the city.”