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When you’re traveling, one of the most obvious giveaways of your tourist status (minus fanny packs, selfie sticks and general looks of confusion) is when you mispronounce the name of the place you’re visiting. To avoid that, we’ve compiled the correct pronunciations of 13 cities and countries that give people the most trouble.

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places antigua
AleksandarGeorgiev/Getty Images

Place: Phuket

The wrong way: foo-ket (or something less SFW)
The right way: poo-ket
Don’t poo-poo proper pronunciation.

places qatar
Ahmed_Abdel_Hamid/Getty Images

Place: Qatar

The wrong way: kuh-TAR
The right way: cut-ter
Rhymes with flutter.

places colombia
diegograndi/Getty Images

Place: Colombia

The wrong way: co-LUM-bee-uh
The right way: co-LOHM-bee-uh
Remember, if there’s a “U,” it’s the university.

places azerbaijan
Ramilaliyev/Getty Images

Place: Azerbaijan

The wrong way: a-zer-bay-jan
The right way: uh-zuh-bye-zhaan
We felt cultured just typing this one out.

places reykjavic
powerofforever/Getty Images


The wrong way: RYE-kah-vik
The right way: RAY-kah-vik
Learn how to say it before you go there this year.

places budapest
vasiliki/Getty Images

Place: Budapest

The wrong way: boo-duh-pest
The right way: boo-duh-pesht
Added to our bucket list: Eat a Buddha bowl in Budapest.


Place: Versailles (France)

The wrong way: ver-saylz
The right way: ver-sigh
Like le sigh.


Place: Versailles (Kentucky)

The wrong way: ver-sigh
The right way: ver-saylz
A very different pronunciation for a very different place.

places worcester
SeanPavonePhoto/Getty Images

Place: Worcester

The wrong way: were-chester
The right way: woos-ter
But you can say “Woo-stuh” if you’re from there.

places phuket
peeterv/Getty Images

Place: Antigua

The wrong way: an-TEE-gwah
The right way: an-TEE-guh
Pretend the "U" isn’t there.

places provence
Atanamir/Getty Images

Place: Aix-en-Provence

The wrong way: aches-en-provens
The right way: EX-on-pro-vahnce
No matter how you say it, we want to go to there.

places oaxaca
Richard Ellis/Getty Images

Place: Oaxaca

The wrong way: walks-ah-kuh
The right way: wuh-hawk-uh
So basically, cities with an "X" in their name are inherently difficult to say.

places seoul
SeanPavonePhoto/Getty Images

Place: Seoul

The wrong way: see-oohl
The right way: soul
Think their indoor cycling studios are called SeoulCycle?

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