This Is How You Will Never Lose a Charger Again When You Travel

iPhone, tablet, hair dryer, flat iron…yeah, we pack a lot of equipment when we travel. Add to that chargers for each device and all the places you plug in--behind the nightstand, in the bathroom, somewhere under the armchair you were somehow able to reach--and it’s no wonder you wound up leaving your MacBook charger in the hotel room.

Here, an easy trick to help you (ahem) take charge of your packing situation.

What you need: A lightweight power strip and all of the chargers you’ll need on your trip.

What you do: Instead of plugging in each of the individual chargers all over your hotel room (and then having to pull them out when you run out of outlets), pack one nifty power strip with all of the chargers already plugged into it. A portable docking system, if you will.


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