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There’s nothing quite like cozying up on the couch with a warm blanket and a cup of hot cocoa to watch your favorite holiday films. But what if you could do all that in your own winter getaway seemingly inspired by these festive flicks? HomeAway has curated a list of rentals you’d swear were plucked straight out of a Hallmark Christmas movie. From low-key cabins to full-on castles, here are five cold-weather homes you can rent for the ultimate holiday escape (along with the movies to watch while you’re there).

“Christmas Under Wraps”

We can’t guarantee a Candace Cameron Bure cameo (or Santa’s hidden workshop) like in Christmas Under Wraps, but we can promise a quaint and cozy cabin nestled in the heart of Hope, Alaska.


“A Royal Christmas”

Who needs a handsome Hallmark prince when you can have a castle of your own in La Framboisière, France (well, you and 13 of your closest friends)? 


“Naughty and Nice”

What happens when a cynical city slicker meets a small-town local in the middle of a blizzard? True love, of course. Make like the characters in Naughty and Nice and head to Georgetown, Colorado, to create your own memories this holiday.


“Finding Santa”

Feeling a little lost this Christmas à la Finding Santa? Leave the hustle and bustle behind for this remote and peaceful cottage in Goshen, Connecticut. 


“Miss Christmas”

As fake town names go, Klaus, Wisconsin (the setting of Hallmark’s Miss Christmas), is certainly up there. Lucky for you, Maple, Wisconsin actually does exist and is home to this refurbished barn on the south shore of Lake Superior. 


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