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Contrary to what Love Actually tells you, the airport during the holidays is the worst. We can’t magically erase the security lines, but we can (hopefully) help keep you from having a panic attack in the middle of Terminal 4.

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1. Pack your suitcase like a pro. (And know what not to pack.)

2. You already know you can earn airline miles while you fly, but how about on the way to the airport? Lyft’s new partnership with JetBlue helps you rack up points while on the ground.

3. If you have an American Express card, be sure to link it up to your Uber account: You’re eligible for two free rides through December 31.

4. Whether you’re taking a car or the subway, give yourself at least twice as much time as you think you’ll need to get to the airport. Trust us, it's not fun to be the person sprinting through the terminal to make it to your plane before takeoff.

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5. Skip the jewelry on the day of travel: You don’t want to have to take everything off at security and risk forgetting something. (We speak from experience.)

6. But do wear a big blanket scarf. It’ll double as a—you guessed it—blanket (or potentially a pillow).

7. If watching the people in line ahead of you fumble with their shoes is making your stress levels dangerously high, cue up a meditation app on your headphones.

8. If you’re heading to another time zone, nip jet lag in the bud.

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9. Preload your Kindle with a few travel-friendly reads

10. Drown out the crying toddler next to you with one of our favorite podcasts.

11. Invest in a good sleep mask. And on red-eye flights, don’t get seduced by the à la carte HBO shows. Put the mask on ASAP to signal to your body that it’s bedtime.

12. On your return flight, don’t forget to bring a brown-bag lunch—a leftover-turkey sandwich with all the fixings, naturally. 

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