Too Much Drinking, Eating and Social-Media Gorging? There’s a Detox Road Trip Calling for You

Need help kicking your bad habits to the curb? Whatever your vice, there’s a health retreat within driving distance of Los Angeles where programs are tailored to help you put down the Chardonnay, social media or French fries and achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. In as little as a long weekend, you can feel good in your skin again.

6 Weekends You Need to Take (from the Beach to the Desert to the Hot Springs)

The Inside Job: Cal-a-vie Health Spa

Fat farm or coven endoctrination ceremeony? Neither—it’s the meditation maze at the San Diego resort that couples love because it offers a kajillion fitness classes (including Pilates, TRX, Gyrotonic) for the person who wants to get fit and golf and tennis for the spouse who’s only along for the ride. Even the sweat-averse will benefit from a visit with the life coach, whose mandate is to help you improve your health, wealth and relationships.

We Care Spa

The Desert Fast: We Care Spa

At this infamous, no-frills spot outside Palm Springs, models come for as little as three days to lose up to two pounds a day via an all-juice diet and multiple colonics. Add to that lymphatic drainage and abdominal massages, as well as outdoor baths in super-oxygenated water with negatively charged micro-bubbles, and you’ll leave clean as a whistle both inside and out.

Avalon Palm Springs

The Wellness Pow-wow: Avalon Palm Springs

Want to get healthy and maybe take a breather from all your friends with bad habits? Meet like-minded wellness enthusiasts at Well + Good’s first retreat. The resort will be devoted to daily workout and stretching sessions, interspersed with cooking classes, massage time and dozing under a sun hat by the pool.

The Ur-boot Camp Week: The Ashram

The decades-old, blisters-inducing experience at the Ashram is a grueling experience in which group hikes go on for 14 miles, your daily vegetarian calorie count comes in at about 1,000 calories and daily massages are more for muscle recovery than pampering. The stay is a compulsory week for no more than 12 people willing to forgo junk food, television and the internet to stay in no-frills cabins with shared bathroom facilities—but its mind-body cleansing results have attracted Oprah and Ashley Judd.

The Ranch Malibu

The Six-almonds-to-victory Experience: The Ranch Malibu

Set on the grounds of a former children’s camp in the hills above Malibu, this place is gorgeous. A pea-gravel patio leads to a main house with white-slipcovered couches in front of a fireplace, and private cabins with their own bathrooms have a similarly minimalist-chic decor. Not that you’ll be spending a lot of time at either place, since you’ll be waking at 5:30 a.m., hiking for four-plus hours a day, and participating in yoga and strength-training classes with your ten new friends. This place’s idea of a treat? The six almonds with sea salt you get as a snack on the grueling hikes—and the hour-long afternoon nap.

The Pearl Laguna

The Yoga-based Stretch: The Pearl Laguna

Like the back-to-nature hiking experience, but not interested in doing it all day? This Laguna Beach property was started by two lifelong yogis, so you start the day with power yoga (which means you sweat) and end the day with waveside flow yoga (which means you sleep). In between, you’ve got a full day of eight-mile hikes, spa treatments and meditation, and guests are encouraged to step away from their email.

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