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Whoa, Delta Just Made Losing Luggage a Thing of the Past
Baona/Getty Images

After a long flight, there’s nothing you want to do more than grab your bag and crash at the hotel. But as soon you realize you’re the only person still waiting at the baggage claim, you know this will be long, frustrating night. (Ugh, why did you put your iPad charger in there, too?) And then comes the obligatory vow to never check your bags again.

Well, good news for Delta travelers: The airline just came out with trackable luggage tags so you can check all of the bags you need with complete peace of mind. 

So how exactly do they work? There are tiny microchips (that work like a GPS tracker) embedded into the paper tags that are placed on your bags at the counter. You can even have updates sent to your phone (pretty clutch when you have any delays or layovers).

Word on the street is that United and Alaska Airlines are also looking to make similar upgrades (though we’re hoping this becomes the standard for all airlines soon).

Problem solved. Now about that extra checked luggage fee…

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