This Hotel in California Is Basically the Four Seasons…but for Your Cat
Club Cat

Call it the Four Seasons of the cat world: Club Cat is a luxury hotel for felines in Orange County, California, turning the kennel game on its head.

As if the drool-worthy, 8-foot high ceilings with multi-level lounging stations and enclosed balconies weren’t swanky enough, staff provide purr-down service every night (a treat and a toy). Each private suite is named after a classic book (“A Tail of Two Kitties,” for example) and hosts up to two cats from the same household, unless you splurge for the Deluxe Suite designed for up to three cats. There’s no inter-mingling between felines from different families, ya know, to prevent cats from starting scuffles or spreading kitty cough. Litter is cleaned and fresh water is served twice every day.

Kitties can Catflix and chill and pet parents can observe their cats’ activities via a 24/7 CatCast to make sure everything is copacetic. Should your sweet lioness get sick or hurt, Club Cat sits right across the street from the Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital, which is open 24 hours, and you can CatChat your pet to see how she’s feeling (basically FaceTime). 

What would a luxury resort be without a spa? For additional fees, cats can receive Fur Therapy (an indulgent brush treatment) or a Paw-icure (nail trim and paw massage), to name a few services available.

All you’ve got to provide when you check Foxy into Club Cat is proof of rabies and FVRCP vaccinations, enough food for two meals per day and any toys or blankets she’ll want during her stay.

The only downside? After relaxing at Club Cat on their adorable four-poster cat beds and pretending to play mini-pianos, Foxy may not want to come home.

Rates start at $45 per night for the first cat. And yes, this is all real.

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