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You don’t need to shell out a million bucks just to get out of town. Scratch that travel itch with one of these five direct flights—each less than $250—just in time to escape those (warm) winter blues.

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cheap flight from miami to atlanta

Atlanta (2 Hours from MIA)

Miami is known as a true foodie town, but the ATL gives us a run for our money. Spend a weekend eating your way through Umi, Buttermilk Kitchen and the rest of Buckhead’s best. Just be sure to move quickly, because the $109 mid-February airfare we found probably won’t last.

cheap flight from miami to new orleans

New Orleans (2 Hours and 10 Minutes from MIA)

When you’re sitting at a sidewalk cafe in the French Quarter, devouring a beignet and listening to live jazz, you’ll have us to thank for the $163 round-trip flight (in late February) that made it all possible. We’re so glad we could help.

cheap flight from miami to los angeles

Los Angeles (6 Hours from MIA)

This $233 fare (which flies out of Fort Lauderdale on V-Day) has us planning our perfect La La Land itinerary: visits to the Getty and Griffith Park Observatory, shopping on Abbot Kinney and dinner in the Arts District. (Ryan Gosling not included, unfortch.)

cheap flight from miami to charleston

Charleston (1 Hour and 45 Minutes from MIA)

Charleston’s got so much charm, this Presidents' Day Weekend getaway practically plans itself. Fly American for three days of feasting on barbecue, strolling the cobblestones and taking in the historic 18th-century architecture from “Rainbow Row” to the Battery. Really, it’s as simple as that.

cheap flight from miami to new york city

New York City (3 Hours from MIA)

New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so scoring a direct flight for $182 (at the tail end of February) is kind of key. Overwhelmed by all the things to do in the Big Apple? We’re here to help.

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