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Why Go to SFO When You Can Take a Fancy Overnight Bus to L.A.?
Courtesy of Cabin

In San Francisco, we’re all about efficiency. Preordering your morning latte to skip the line at Philz, scheduling dry cleaner pickups at your doorstep, shipping returns on demand to avoid the post office… You name it, we’ve got it dialed in. 

So when we got the scoop on a new, more efficient (not to mention stylish) way to get to L.A., we had to share. It’s called Cabin, and it’s a cool overnight bus that’s redefining the road trip (and red-eye). Instead of dealing with security lines, flight delays and other hassles at SFO, you just show up ready for bed. Then you fall asleep and wake up in L.A. while someone else does the driving. It’s pretty much a hotel on wheels. 

Here’s how it works: Each rider gets a private cabin that comes with privacy shades, blackout drapes, soundproof walls, comfy bedding and a reading lamp. There’s a spacious bathroom on board and a communal lounge perfect for nighttime tea service, and the whole bus is equipped with Wi-Fi (just in case you can’t leave Netflix at home for a night). Plus, fresh coffee will be waiting for you in the morning—because a.m. caffeine is a must. 

Travel and lodging in one chic, efficient package: Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

Starting at $115 each way;

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