How to Save an Easy $50 on Your Family Trip to Disney

So, you’re headed to the most magical place on earth, and your kid is almost as excited to get his hands on a Buzz Lightyear plush toy as he is to ride Space Mountain. But here’s the thing: All that Disney memorabilia can be seriously pricey. How expensive, you ask? Well, a set of Mickey Mouse ears bought at one of Disney's parks, for example, costs anywhere between $15 and $25.

But, of course, you don’t want your kid to leave empty-handed. The fix? Buy your toys ahead of time—either online or in a Disney store. (We found Mickey Mouse ears on Amazon for just $6.) Then, pack them in your suitcase to surprise the kids with them when you reach the hotel. Genius.

Just remember not to wrap your gifts up in your bag before you go—employees must be able to inspect presents if necessary. Instead, pack them in a plastic bag with some pretty paper, and wrap them up once you’ve arrived. Easy.

Because everyone visiting the happiest place on earth should be able to bring a little bit of that joy back home with them (without spending a small fortune).