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Take a moment to think about the makings of a great long weekend trip: Short travel time, maximum relaxation and guaranteed good weather. Right? So we’ve teamed up with our friends at Bermuda Tourism to ask you just one question: Why haven’t you booked your stay yet? If you’ve never considered it before, here are seven reasons why you should make Bermuda your next summer destination.

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The Flight is Shorter Than the Length of a Movie

Better start your in-flight movie the second the safety announcements are over, or else you might miss the last few minutes. That’s right, a direct flight to Bermuda is only about two hours from airports on the East Coast (it’s just 665 miles off the coast of North Carolina). Book a flight with your favorite airline from any one of Bermuda’s hubs, which are JFK, EWR, CLT, DCA, PHL, BOS, ATL and MIA.

yoga in bermuda

It Appeals to Both the Idle and the Adventurous

The secluded beaches are surreal, so spending all day alternating between reading and napping on a piece of paradise like Jobson’s Cove is highly encouraged (under an umbrella, of course). But just in case you want to burn off some energy, Bermuda is home to plenty of water sports and on-land adventures that are perfect for anyone seeking a thrill (or just some outdoor fun). Think rock climbing above the ocean on St. David’s Island, biking the historic Railway Trail, diving through shipwrecks or practicing yoga by the ocean.

bermuda spa

There’s a One-of-a-Kind Spa

Prospero’s Cave, named after a little-known play called The Tempest, is home to a surprising and dreamy underground spa. Amongst the stalagmites and above the natural pool is a masseuse waiting to give you the most relaxing and “I am one with nature” massage you’ve ever had.

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The Fresh Seafood is Unmatched

Seafood is a no-brainer on any island, but when the signature meal is a fish chowder topped off with locally made Black Seal rum, you know you’re in paradise. The dish is usually made with veggies and the island’s own sherry peppers for a nice spicy kick. Bermuda also has a bevy of other characteristic dishes, like spiny lobster (which is in season from September through March) and the codfish breakfast cooked with eggs, potatoes and bananas (check it out above). Order the mussels steamed in coconut milk and chile from Village Pantry for a down-home taste of the islands. 

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You Can Cross Pink Sand Beaches Off Your Bucket List

All along the South Shore of Bermuda, you’ll find gorgeous millennial-pink sand beaches, thanks to the reddish shells of the nearby coral reef that mix with the coast’s white sands. It’s safe to say any Instagrams captured here will be record breaking.

bermuda capital hamilton

The Center City is Perfectly Adorable

With diversity driven by British, African, North American, Portuguese and West Indian influences, Hamilton—the capital of Bermuda—is hardly lacking in the culture department. Full of shopping, art galleries, markets (where you can buy fresh honey) and nightlife, Hamilton is a must-see. Be sure to pay a visit to the town of St. George, too — it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site full of quaint cobblestone streets and British colonial architecture. The pastel houses lining the streets make it look as vibrant as it feels.

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To Top it Off, The Weather Is Great Year-Round

Like we said, Bermuda is off the coast of North Carolina and not on the equator. It’s subtropical. Thanks to the Bermuda-Azores High (a high-pressure zone) and the Gulf Stream pushing warm water up from the Gulf of Mexico, temps are comfortable year-round. So when you find yourself visiting for a long weekend in December, the mid-60s temps will go easy on your winter skin. Summertime, however, still holds the perfect mid-80s weather of your island dreams.

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