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Ana Linares

Meet the designer turned photographer with a serious passion for color

Before launching her Instagram account, Ana Linares was working full-time for Ralph Lauren Home in New York as an art director when she noticed: There was a pretty huge need for lifestyle photography—and not just on social media. “I slowly started dedicating my time as a designer to photography,” she says. “I’ve always loved it and started to get into a rhythm of posting lifestyle, travel and product photography.”

It wasn’t long before big-deal brands like J.Crew and Madewell started to take notice of Ana’s work. “Companies got in touch to say they loved my photography, which led to collaborations with clients who were looking to create content,” she says. “It became a great outlet for me.”

When her husband got a job offer to relocate to Miami, it dawned on her: Ana could turn her newfound photography skills into her full-time gig. “I basically quit my job to consult for a number of brands, whether that means helping them with trend forecasting, creating content and mood boards and more,” she says. “I’m putting the finishing touches on my new website and am excited to see how things grow from there.”

On how her mom helped inspire her work. “My mom is an artist, and she dated this Mexican guy for a long time who inspired her so much through Mexican art like Frida Kahlo. That meant that, since I was young, my world was literally infused with color. I grew up in Colombia and my house was the most colorful out of all my friends. I used to be so embarrassed: I wanted our house to be all white, but my mom said no. Looking back, I think it was the most beautiful house anyone could have. It ended up really inspiring me—now color is my every day.”

On the most Instagram-worthy spots in Miami. “I love South Beach. It has the most unique beach huts and also this ’50s vibe and architecture with pastel colors. It’s so fun. There’s also a new hotel I love called Faena Miami. It’s gorgeous and has a beautiful bar. It’s one of those places you go because there’s a million pictures to take.”

On the art of saying yes—and no. “It’s hard. I’m always thinking about my brand and weighing the projects I want to take on. It’s not always about who offers good money. Some companies might come to you that totally don’t go with what you do. I try to take everything in terms of where I see myself in six months or one year and what I want to show on my website. It’s easier to build from there.”

On where she goes to feel inspired. “Art is really important to me, so my husband and I have a tradition in our house to go to a museum with our five-year-old son once a week. We call it “Museum Friday.” We love the Pérez Art Museum, which has modern art and a stunning design. There’s also another museum that just opened called the Frost Museum of Science. They have a huge aquarium that focuses on the coral reefs and the natural colors of the ocean. It’s incredible—and one of my son’s favorites. Last, we love Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. It's probably the most beautiful place in Miami and makes you feel like you’ve been transported to Venice every time.”

On her favorite photo editing tool. “I love A Color Story. It was created by the women behind A Beautiful Mess. They have the best filters out there and they keep adding more. I never want to enhance a photo so it looks processed, but I want to make sure the lighting looks good and the color pops. This app is the best.”