Leaving Buster at the kennel always makes us nervous. (Look, he needs 28 belly rubs a day in order to feel “appreciated.”) So when American Airlines announced a new first-class pet cabin, we breathed a sigh--nay, woof--of relief. Here’s the lowdown on “Cuddle Class.”

What the hell is a first-class pet seat? It’s a little cabin located next to your seat with a vented door. Just put Buster in his carrier and sit the carrier inside the cabin for the duration of the flight.

How do I reserve one? Pay the normal $125 pet carry-on fee and select “Cuddle Class” when you book your flight. You’ll also want to check with your vet to make sure you have proper documentation for your companion, which will be checked at the gate.

What kinds of pets are allowed? Only dogs and cats--and remember, they must fit in a 19-inch-by-13-inch carrier.

Can I take my pooch out in the middle of the trip and feed him complimentary pretzels? Nope. But you can check on him periodically, as long as he stays in his carrier.

So do I have to fly first class in order to take advantage? For now, yes. You also have to be going from L.A. or San Francisco to New York City. But fingers crossed that more planes and price levels join the Kennel-High Club in the near future.

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