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Say See Ya to Surge Pricing
Your ride shouldn't come with a cost resentment.

Calling a car from an app is great, but the surge pricing that gets tacked on? It makes you long for the good old days of taxi rides.

Enter Way2ride, the app that lets you hail and pay for cabs right from your phone, with no annoying upsell.

It works like this: Download the app and then tap “Hail” whenever you’re ready to leave, say, work or a party. You’ll soon be on your way with a licensed and insured driver behind the wheel--and the assurance that you’ll always be charged the metered fare.

At your destination, you’ll pay right from the app using your pre-registered credit card. Bonus: You can pay via the app even if you found your taxi the traditional arm-swinging-off-the-curb way.

It might be the easiest transportation experience since Mom strapped you into a car seat.

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