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The Ultimate Summer Road Trip
You may want to rent an RV for this one.

You’ve always wanted to do that whole rent-an-RV-and-drive-cross-country thing.

But assuming you could actually feel OK about operating a vehicle the size of a house, the good old U.S. of A. is big. How could you ever be sure you were covering the right ground?

A tech producer for Discovery News, Tracy Staedter, recently roped a mathematician--Michigan State University doctoral student Randy Olson--into plotting a perfect route that hits 50 of our country’s must-see, bucket-list-type landmarks.

From the Grand Canyon to the Statue of Liberty, you’ll see it all (well, a lot of it) if you follow Olson’s map.

The catch: To do this right and actually enjoy it, you'll need about three months total. So bank those vacation days,

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