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Looking to spice things up in the love department? Well, wouldn’t you know it? Travel is an excellent aphrodisiac, great for reigniting sparks and making you forget all about that fight you were having about cleaning out the garage.

Here, the nine steamiest spots around the globe.

Jade Mountain

Saint Lucia

If the warm waters of the Caribbean and the sexy view of the twin Pitons aren’t enough to make you amorous, how about some chocolate made from the island’s bountiful cacao?

Where to stay: Private Villa with Caribbean Views ($300 per night)



Masks, parties, costumes: What’s not to love about mysterious, romantic Venice, especially during February Carnevale?

Where to stay: Aman Grande Canal (from $1,200 per night)

Hard Luggage Only

Puerto Rico

What’s sexier than a nighttime swim in bathtub-warm, neon-tinged waters? Doing it in a string bikini, of course.

Where to stay: One Bedroom Villa at Las Casitas Village (from $269 per night)



After canoodling at a dark and vibey jazz club, take a walk on the wild side at this city’s well-known fetish clubs, which are so socially acceptable, they’re now in every tourist guidebook.

Where to stay: Rooftop Apartment with a Private Terrace ($116 per night)

Gray Malin

St. Tropez

This little fishing village on the French Riviera is just as sexy now as it was when Brigitte Bardot sunbathed there topless in the '60s.

Saint-Amour la Tartane Hotel (from $450 per night)

Junebug Weddings


OK, another one from France. But really, how can you top Paris’s romantic bridges, endlessly flowing wine and delightfully campy red-light district?

Where to stay: Le Relais Christine (from $480 per night)

Press Herald

Rio de Janeiro

You wouldn?t think a city with a giant statue of Christ overlooking it would be so sexy, but this Brazilian coastal hot spot is all about allure. The beach acts as the city?s living room, so there?s lots of meeting and flirting in teeny swimwear.

Where to stay: Hotel Santa Teresa (from $1,230 per night) 

The Little Nell


It's 20 degrees outside at dusk, no one is around and you and your honey get to ease your winter-weary bodies into a swimming pool heated to a toasty 84 degrees. Oh, and you're a little light-headed from the altitude. 

Where to stay: The Little Nell (from $370 per night)

North Island


Really want to get away from it all? Head to Seychelles, in the Indian Ocean, where you can loll on the beach and meditate on the rarity of the world’s sexiest fruit.

Where to stay: Private Villa at the Banyan Tree Seychelles (from $750 per night)