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The Secret Trick to Keeping Liquids from Bursting in Your Bag

You’ve packed your suitcase meticulously--you even went the extra step and picked up travel-sized products. Still, nothing matters if your day is ruined 'cause your shampoo…or foundation… or weirdly expensive foot cream exploded in your bag.

Never again, thanks to this genius trick:

What you need: Saran Wrap and a rubber band (a hair elastic works in a pinch).

What you do: First, remove the shampoo cap. Cover the top of the bottle with plastic wrap and loop a rubber band around the neck to secure it in place. Then, twist the cap back on.

Why it works: The plastic wrap acts as a waterproof seal--and backup plan--so even if the top pops open, liquids won’t spill.

Whoa, that’s smart stuff: Sure is. Now, focus your energy on packing and carrying one (yes, one) bag.

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