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How many times have you taken an incredible trip only to return with a handful of un-incredible photos? Note: Selfies under the Eiffel Tower will never do it (or you) justice.

Next time, put down the iPhone and check out Flytographer.

This new company lets you book local photographers wherever you’re on vacation. We know what you’re thinking: A formal photographer on my Parisian getaway? But it’s actually surprisingly discreet.

Here’s how it works: Enter the location of where you’re headed (anywhere from the Cayman Islands to Auckland, New Zealand), then select a time and package. Thirty minutes will run you $250, while an hour is $350. A “shoot concierge” will confirm your appointment and send you the photographer’s details. On the day of your shoot, you’ll meet with your photographer 10 minutes prior to the session to discuss your overall vision (“More me, less Mona Lisa”), then go about your business. The photographer will hang back, capturing candid moments or any posed pictures you want.

To ensure the process is casual, each photog is vetted on a list of criteria, including “Would you want to grab a drink with them afterward?” Which comes in handy, because they usually know all the under-the-radar spots (hint, hint). 

Enter the code “PureWow” at checkout to recieve an exclusive discount. Offer valid through April 30.

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