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The long lines. The uncomfortable security checks. The ill manners. The inebriation. Air travel is intrinsically unpleasant. Here, nine types of people you'll most likely encounter (and be annoyed by) at the airport. 

airport bar1

The imbiber

Between the drunk food and cringeworthy comments, this dream seat mate can't pass out soon enough.

airport confusion

The rookie

Ill prepared doesn't begin to describe this lost-looking soul, who is almost certainly toting an accidental weapon in his carry-on. 

Kid Sleeping on Rolling Baggage

The new parents trying their best

Cut 'em some slack; they're not enjoying this either. 

crying baby plane

The child of said parents

So cute, yet so so loud. 

obnoxious businessman

The businessman

It doesn't matter that he's screaming into his cell phone--his work is much more important than your sanity.

excited travelers

The overexcited flier

Their enthusiasm is the opposite of contagious. 

spring break

The spring breakers

Try to see beyond their squeals and neon clothing and pity their livers. 

nervous flyer

The nervous Nellie

Pray that she doesn't see a colonial woman on the plane's wing.

airplane talker

The talker

Rendering noise-canceling headphones obsolete since 1975. 

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