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So you zoomed through Making a Murderer and Jessica Jones and now you’re bored out of your mind. (We feel your pain.)

But just because it’s freezing outside doesn’t mean you have to live like some kind of hermit in a fleece blanket for the next three months.

Here are the ten best escapes from New York City. Time to ski, get pampered and even work on your tan.

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Snow is nice, but you know what’s even better? Watching the flakes fall through a panoramic window while you’re sitting in a heated pool. Let’s just move to Mohonk Mountain House, a majestic hotel and spa in a gorgeous Victorian castle, for the rest of the winter. Oh wait--it’s less than two hours from the city, so we can go visit any weekend we want.

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You know that relaxing ski vacation you’ve been meaning to take? You could be hitting the slopes, oh, five hours from now. Hop on the Amtrak Vermonter for a weekend escape to Stowe Mountain Resort, featuring more than 70 trails, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and ice-skating. Winter goals: complete.

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Yep, you heard us. Turns out that JetBlue now offers nonstop service to sunny Palm Springs right out of JFK. Huzzah, poolside at The Parker is a mere six hours away.

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Here’s a secret: Cape May is just as gorgeous off-season as it is in the summer. Book a cozy room with a fireplace at the Queen Victoria Bed & Breakfast, then grab a cup of hot cocoa and go for a stroll on the peaceful, empty beach. (But definitely bring your puffer coat.) Best of all, you can drive there from NYC in less than four hours.

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After a week of crowded subway commutes, you deserve a weekend escape to the complete polar opposite of NYC: Amish country. Leave your phone in the hotel and go for a horse-and-buggy ride. Those work emails can wait (and you probably won’t get reception anyway).

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Jump on the Metro-North and in under an hour, you could be the guest of honor at the Castle Hotel and Spa, an estate that makes Downton Abbey look like a studio apartment. And the food?s better, too.

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Remember Stars Hollow, the amazing fictional town from Gilmore Girls that you always wished you lived in? It was loosely based on the sleepy town of Washington, which is just as quaint and picturesque as its TV counterpart. Stay at the Mayflower Grace and cozy up by the fire. And win-win: It’s only two hours by car.

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After lugging those Whole Foods groceries 14 blocks in the freezing wind, you deserve a spa weekend, dammit. Inspired by Monet’s garden in Giverny, France, the Mirbeau Inn features a massive 1,000-square-foot spa that you have to see to believe. (Oh, and if you’re wondering, it’s pronounced “Skinny-AT-lis.”)

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Pigeons? Yawn. In less than two hours, you could be chilling with a pack of alpacas. Board a bus to Lambertville and check in to the Chimney Hill Estate Inn, where these adorable little guys will be your neighbors for the weekend.

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In the summer, New Yorkers flock to the mountains in New England to see celebs do theater. But in the winter, the Berkshires region is just as cool. It’s the home of the Bay State Winter Games, an Olympics-style event including alpine skiing and figure skating. We’ve gotta practice our triple lutz.

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