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Breathing Room
Brb, moving in.
White Swan Inn

It?s not that you don?t love seeing your family for eight straight days and nights, but we can probably all agree that the whole family would be happier if they didn?t have to crash at your place. Put your relatives up at these boutique properties around town and they?ll be so charmed, they just might stay out of your hair altogether.

For your super-chic cousin The new Hotel G in Union Square is like a posh alternative to the Ace. Think Victorian settees, vintage schoolhouse chairs and mid-century writing desks, plus flat-screen TVs, docking stations and Nespresso coffee makers.
Rooms from $199; 386 Geary St.

For your mod aunt With its 1960s pop-art decor, a room at the White Swan Inn in Nob Hill will give Aunt Edie reason to recount the time she partied with Andy Warhol.
Rooms from $172; 845 Bush St.

For your Francophile grandmother Granny still talks about her days living in the French countryside. Bring back the romance with a stay at Petite Auberge in Nob Hill, a frilly floral fantasy with an authentic bed-and-breakfast vibe.
Rooms from $145; 863 Bush St.

And of course, there's always this package for any of your more alternative-faring relatives.  

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