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America is a beautiful country, don’t get us wrong. But it’s also weird as hell, as evidenced by these 12 bizarre roadside attractions. Plan your next trip accordingly.

weird roadside attractions corn palace

Corn Palace (Mitchell, South Dakota)

Built in 1892 to showcase South Dakota's agricultural climate, this ode to grains is redesigned with a new theme each year. There's also a Polka Festival every September. Obviously.

weird roadside attractions salvation mountain

Salvation Mountain (Niland, California)

This desert folk-art sculpture was started in 1985 and sits at the entrance to Slab City, a famous California squatter community.

weird roadside attractions foamhenge

Foamhenge (Natural Bridge, Virginia)

An astronomically-correct replica of the Wiltshire, England, monument…made entirely from Styrofoam.

weird roadside attractions carhenge

Carhenge (Alliance, Nebraska)

Apparently Americans have a thing for recreating Stonehenge. This Nebraska version was assembled with 38 slate-gray cars.

weird roadside attractions prada marfa

Prada Marfa (Valentine, Texas)

Created by artists independent of the brand (but later blessed by Miuccia Prada), this fake storefront displays 20 left-foot shoes and six purses.

weird roadside attractions shoe tree

Shoe Tree (Middlegate, Nevada)

Rumor has it the first pair of shoes on this Nevada tree were those of a woman whose husband didn’t want her to leave him during an argument.

weird roadside attractions christ ozarks

Christ of the Ozarks (Eureka Springs, Arkansas)

Standing 65 feet tall, this guy is perfect for when you just can’t do a trip to Rio.

weird roadside attractions gatorland

Gatorland (Orlando, Florida)

This theme park and wildlife preserve features thousands of crocodiles and, you guessed it, alligators.

weird roadside attractions jimmy carter

Jimmy Carter Peanut Statue (Plains, Georgia)

Some presidents are memorialized on the sides of mountains. Others get 13-foot-tall-peanut homages.

weird roadside attractions fork in road

Fork in the Road (Westport, Massachusetts)

Real conceptual, Massachusetts.

weird roadside attractions basket

Longaberger Basket (Newark, Ohio)

Seven stories high with 150-ton handles, this is either the headquarters of the Longaberger basket company (true), or the start of the greatest picnic ever (we wish).

weird roadside attractions fremont troll

Fremont Troll (Seattle, Washington)

Hidden just beneath an overpass, this concrete monster is nothing short of terrifying.