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There are two kinds of vacation photographers: One takes to a poolside area to photograph her bare feet; the other finds charming details in places that don’t scream “all inclusive.” Lately, we’ve seen a lot of artsy ’grams about a certain Milwaukee hotel; and when we finally checked it out, we were pretty #impressed as well. Here are seven reasons why the Iron Horse Hotel is worth the hype.


It’s Luxury--But It Caters to Bikers

The hotel is high-end, but don’t expect harpists in the lobby. In fact, expect to see a motorcycle on display; and in the rooms, there’s a hook that’s custom designed to hang heavy leathers. (Oh yes, the Iron Horse has edge.) Want more choppers? Pop into the nearby Harley-Davidson Museum, which also rents out bikes.


The Mini-Fridge Is Basically an In-Room Mixologist

The lobby bar Branded has inventive cocktails handled. But is it weird if we suggest you pregame in the room? The mini-fridge has the requisite New Glarus beer (found only in Wisconsin!) along with cocktail mixes from the Madison-based bitters company Bittercube.


Those Cheese Curds, So Help Us

But seriously, do check out the in-house restaurants. At Smyth, the cheese curds are insane. They’re actually called “Goat Curds,” and are served with chorizo, saffron aioli and rustic bread.


Its Bathroom Products Smell Freakin’ Divine

The bathrooms are fitted with rain-head showers, but we were focused on obsessively sniffing the body products. C.O. Bigelow’s Lavender & Peppermint may be our new favorite scent.


Pooches Are V.I.P. Guests

If you’re a dog lover, you won’t be alone here. The hotel’s not only pet-friendly; it’s practically pet ecstatic. There’s even a V.I.P. Pooch Board with the names of current canine guests near the front desk.


Everyone’s a Concierge

The whole staff prides itself on local knowledge. We’re forever indebted to one staffer for pointing us toward Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, a dimly lit, 1930s bar that specializes in tiki, flaming and ice-cream drinks. If there were ever a place to order your grandma’s beloved Pink Squirrel…why, this is where it was invented.


Its Parties are Legendary

Finally, The Iron Horse loves a good theme party. (We have so much in common.) The annual Kentucky Derby party is a huge draw for locals and tourists alike. And if you?re still looking for Halloween plans, The Shining Bash is this Saturday.

500 W. Florida St. in Milwaukee; 414-374-4766 or Check out rates here.

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