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Even though summer is months away, you know how oppressive it’s going to be--the fog, the cold, the wind. Get us out of here. So wouldn’t it be nice to have some dreamy vacation to look forward to?

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by rounding up six trips to destinations that everyone’s talking about. Now, get cracking before flights to these spots fill up. After all, the early bird gets the best beach chair.



Starting this summer, Fiji Airways will offer nonstop seasonal service (June to August and December to January) from San Francisco to the island paradise. For the ultimate in far-flung adventures, book yourself on a pearl farming tour, where you’ll learn the intricate process of culturing these exotic jewels.

Where to stay: Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

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With the Mexican peso at an all-time low, now is your chance to get away on the cheap. Sayulita, a bohemian beach town on the Pacific coast of Mexico, is miles from overcrowded tourist spots like Cancun and Cozumel. Learn how to surf or stretch out on the sand with a good book.

Where to stay: Villa Amor



Spain’s unassuming but equally gorgeous little sister is having its moment in the travel spotlight. Visit Portugal’s Algarve beach region this summer. Then spend a few days in the charming city of Lisbon before wine-tasting your way through the winding Douro River Valley, with a requisite stop in Porto for some fine dessert vino.

Where to stay: As Janelas Verdes



Iceland may feel so last year, but here’s one reason we’re saying it’s so this year: Icelandic discount airline WOW Air is launching nonstop flights from SFO to Reykjavik this June for as little as $99 each way. The shockingly low prices do come with one little catch: You can only bring a single carry-on weighing in at a mere 11 pounds or risk huge baggage fees that could triple the cost of the ticket. But that should be no big deal for adventurous and travel-savvy San Franciscans. Once there, hike to Gullfoss (the country’s most famous waterfall) or the spouting waters of Geysir (the name says it all). And, of course, you'll have to take a dip in the Blue Lagoon. 

Where to stay: Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel 



If Croatia sounds like old news to you, look no further than the equally scenic and quaint Republic of Georgia. From the historic taverns of Tbilisi to the gorgeous Caucasus Mountains and the stunning Black Sea Coast, this former Soviet state is a friendly, slow-paced country with a burgeoning wine scene (with more than 500 types of indigenous grapes).

Where to stay: Hotel Kopala

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Adventurers, you can now cross the following off your bucket list: surfing down an active volcano (yes, you heard us, riding the ash like a wave), canoeing through waters with alligators and swimming through underwater caves. Nicaragua is open for business, and best of all, there aren’t yet throngs of tourists to spoil your sense of discovery.

Where to stay: Jicaro Island Ecolodge