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3 Wilderness Survival Tools
Today, her tent would have an iPhone charger.

Sure, Reese Witherspoon’s character in the new hiking film Wild comes out stronger after her trek on the Pacific Crest Trail. But we’re thinking that these tools would have made the outdoors experience a lot less of a hassle.

Device-charging tent Today’s tech-savvy outdoorswoman most likely uses a GPS-enabled device. To never run out of juice, sleep in a Bang Bang Tent, which uses a solar panel to charge said devices with energy sucked straight from the sun.

Compression socks Not only is support legwear popular on the runways, it’s an essential accessory to reduce muscle fatigue and help promote circulation for hikers.

Medicine packets Whatever the ailment (sore muscles, runny nose, headache), swap conventional meds for credit-card-sized pouches of UrgentRx Fast Powder, which dissolves on your tongue and gets to work fast.

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